The Talent
Acquisition Team

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Our mission is to: “Creatively source talent to evolve our business and shape our future”.


Adam Edwards
Talent Acquisition Manager

I love my job because…

We are the first point of call for an individual looking to join our business, I am encouraged to innovate and improve. Never rest on my laurels. This attitude keeps me fresh and motivated whilst ensuring the candidates journey is the best it can be. 
When it comes to the Resourcing team, in between all the hard work, there is always something to laugh about every single day.

Outside of the office, I like to think of myself as a picture of health. However, the reality is… I am an occasional gym goer and when I’m feeling brave, will come out of retirement to play Rugby. I will also take every opportunity to show you pictures of Louie, my Miniature Schnauzer!  


Dan Thomas
Talent Acquisition Specialist

I love my job because…

You literally change people’s lives — other than getting married or buying a house, few things in life have a bigger impact on an individual and their family than landing a great job. Because of that tremendous impact, we work hard to give people a good recruitment experience and there’s nothing better than telling a candidate they’ve been successful.

Outside of the office, I live on a farm in a small town where we have Zwartble sheep and I keep Bees with my American wife Sara. (17).gif
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